NYC Hair Stylist
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My partner and I had the pleasure and good fortune to have hired Rachael Gray as the makeup artist for our wedding.  Rachael arrived at our hotel room with a full compendium of high quality makeup and a fantastic vibe.  

She was warm, easy going, and most important, she immediately put my partner and I at ease, asking us questions about how we wanted to look and clearly explaining what she would do.  She made the entire process fun, adding to the excitement of our wedding day.  

The end results were fantastic.  We both felt beautiful!  And as an added little bonus, Rachael gifted me the lipstick she used so that I would be able to refresh my makeup throughout the night.  She's a true professional.  

I cannot recommend Rachael highly enough. 

— Jen Press, 2015


"The Artesia Hotel is such a profoundly genuine place. If I could personify it, I’d say Artesia is an artistic city girl who dreams of one day retiring in the countryside. She wants to make guests feel like they’re stepping into her dream home, a commune that’s an amalgamation of all the things she loves, but with roots still firmly in the heart of London.”

— Skye Landvik, Travel Blogger, March 4, 2016


"Before it was The Artesia Hotel, the Kensington Warehouse stored some of London’s finest chocolates and confections. Hotel co-owners Bethany Rawlings and Oliver Sears have kept the atmosphere sweet, but have mixed in an air of sophistication that’s alluring and comforting.”

— Placeholder Publication, October 29, 2015

“The Artesia Hotel accomplishes what most modern boutique hotels fail to do: be immaculate and humble at the same time. The staff is welcoming and the guests are open to making new friends. And with interesting performances at Refill nearly every night, The Artesia Hotel has made an excellent contribution to the local artistic community.”



"The attention to detail here makes you think you’re stepping into an artist’s villa. There’s a ton to do in the hotel, but the staff encourages you to explore things off the beaten path. You feel like the locals are letting you in on their secrets.”

— A NEWSPAPER, JULY 16, 2015


"There is a certain familiarity and timelessness to The Artesia Hotel. We’ve seen a lot of warehouses gutted into bland, sterile, and corporate spaces. The co-owners have somehow managed to do just the opposite. Architecturally, this place is a tribute to the factories of old London, but the interiors are all about London’s identity as a world city.”